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Our take on TECAR therapy

The first of its kind from Astar!

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  • Tecaris
  • PhysioGo.Lite Combo
  • PhysioGo.Lite Electro
  • PhysioGo.Lite Sono
  • PhysioGo.Lite Laser

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ASTAR – You’re in good hands

ASTAR is a valued manufacturer of physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment in Poland and worldwide.

Since 1995, when the company was founded, our products have evolved to its present form. We offer devices for electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy, vacuum therapy and shockwave therapy.

in dual mode

Innovative technology (Dual Mode) allows the simultaneous use of two magnetic field applicators – solenoid applicator with systemic effect and plate applicator with local effect. Using simultaneously variable therapeutic frequency in the range of 0-50 Hz – the so-called Spectrum – we obtain the highest possible effectiveness of the treatment.

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Vietnam National Cancer Hospital

We have been using ultrasound, laser and magnetotherapy devices from Astar since 2015. Products are very safe and patients also feel completely comfortable during treatment. Moreover, we also receive quick and enthusiastic technical support from Viettien – Astar’s distributor in Vietnam.
Dr Huong Nguyen Van

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