Our history

“History is a novel that happened
The novel is a story that could happen.”

Edmond de Goncourt


You are in good hands!

September 2019

New device fom LITE series: PHYSIOGO.LITE LASER

Compact but powerful biostimulation laser therapy unit is ready for orders!

September 2019

New device: Impactis M+

State-of-the-art product with full illustrated encyclopedia dedicated for shockwave therapy is available to make the physiotherapists' life easier and customers' recovery process faster

January 2018

New line: PHYSIOMG

Appeared new line of three models for magnetoterhapy which meet the expectations of every demanding customer

February 2016

New Lamp: LUMINA V5.0

New and better ! Modern Phototerapy lamp joined to our range

November 2015

I-novo Awards

Obviously you have a great taste!
ASTAR awarded for The Best Design award during world forum for medicine Medica 2015!

October 2015

New trolley: VERSA

Modern and durable trolley completes our offer

August 2015

MINI series refreshment

Old but reliable products got a new look

July 2015

New device: IMPACTIS M

Premium product line is expanding. Our shockwave therapy unit hits the market!

May 2015


Proudly presenting to the world a new line of mobile physical therapy devices: PHYSIOGO!

October 2013

Modern office building is opened!

Even more spacious, even more comfortable!

September 2013

New device: POLARIS HP

Premium product line is on! First high power laser unit reached our customers

June 2013

Hassle free online shop

Now buying products is even more easier and comfortable - full range and high qaulity available off-the-shelf

June 2011

Moved into purpose built new offices and warehouse to accommodate more staff and stock!

January 2011

New devices: AVACO, ETIUS LM, ETISU ULM and trolleys ELF and ELF X

So many, so good!
A number of new physiotherapy devices launched along with additional equipment ELF and ELF X trolleys dedicated for the even more comfortable unit operation

January 2010

New devices: ETIUS and ETIUS U

Designing phase is finished! Our portfolio is gaining new units for full two-channel electrotherapy: ETIUS ; and the combination therapy: Etius U

June 2009

We are the World - Export sales

Development of worldwide sales network with several amazing business partners!

January 2009

New device: MAGNERIS

Mobile and one of a kind magnetoterapy unit is now on sale!

January 2008

New devices: SONARIS S / SONARIS M

Another blockbuster! Introduction to the market - devices of great quality for ultrasound therapy SONARIS S and SONARIS M

June 2006

New devices: ARIES S / ARIES M

Our latest ARIES S / ARIES M electrotherapy devices are on sale

January 2006

Modernization of POLARIS 2, introduction of Scanning laser applicator at the same time

The laser therapy unit has been modernized to improve its functionality. A new product is being launched: SCANNING LASER APPLICATOR.

January 2005

New devices: POLARIS and LT series

Introduction to production POLARIS laser therapy device and LT series devices, which are more economical alternative to the PLUS series giving customers more value for money

January 2004

New PLUS series

Selling PLUS series - more ergonomic, user-friendly and aesthetic devices has now just began

January 2003

ISO 13485 and MDD 93/42 / EEC certification

Company certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485 and Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC

January 2002

Compliance with Medical Directive 93/42 / EEC

Works on the adaptation of products and the quality system in terms of compliance with Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC

June 2001

New devices: SONOTER and LUMINA

Successfully expanding our product range with the SONOTER ultrasound therapy device and the LUMINA lamp for infrared radiation in the IR-A and IR-B range

January 2001

ISO 9001 Certificate

ASTAR is proud to announce that we have completed the ISO9001 certification

May 2000

New device: DUOTERMINI

Launching a new product dedicated for electrotherapy enriched our offer

January 2000

ISO 9001

Works on implementing the ISO 9001 quality system - quality is our priority!

January 1999

Company headquarter change

ASTAR moved into its new headquarter - more space, more possibilities.
At the same time, intensive development works are underway on ultrasound and laser technology

January 1998

New device: MAGNER

The project of the new MAGNER magnetotherapy unit is completed, the device expanded our product portfolio

January 1997

New device: ASTERINT

Our new ASTERINT electrotherapy unit available in offer

January 1996

Further development

Intensive sales development and expansion of dealer network

January 1996

Great moment - the first ASTAR device launched

Our first device saw the light of day: ASTYM electrotherapy unit


The ASTAR is born!

Milestone - After extensive research a decision is made to start a business to create products to support the Rehabilitation sector