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Effective pain treatment

Discover Impactis M + – a device adapted
for therapy in physiotherapy centers
and comfortable work during home healthcare
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Impactis M+

The Impactis M + shockwave therapy device enables effective treatment of chronic pain associated with chronic inflammation and degeneration of tendons, joint capsules, ligaments muscles and bones. It is also a great support in the therapy of trigger points, i.e. particularly sensitive places characterized by increased tension, which can generate radiating pain.

Impactis M+ – benefits for the patient

Greater treatment comfort

During shockwave therapy, impulses are generated whose frequency may affect the patient’s comfort during the treatment. Sensitive people may experience discomfort during treatments especially in the case of low-frequency shocks. The pulse frequency range from 1 to 25 Hz used in Impactis M+ allows to increase patient comfort without losing the therapeutic properties of the treatment.

Higher effectiveness of treatments

The use of devices that generate a compressor pressure of a maximum value of 3 bar has a stimulating effect, however, it does not allow to achieve the complete treatment effects. To enable effective therapy of various injuries and to eliminate their causes, Impactis M+ generates a pressure of up to 5 bar. Thanks to this, the device ensures comprehensive therapy, even in the case of chronic calcification processes.

Quick therapy without side effects

The application of physical therapy treatments using shockwaves often consents to avoid surgical intervention. Shockwave therapy is a completely safe, but extremely effective treatment used in orthopaedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine. The therapeutic session lasts about 10 minutes.

Impactis M+ – benefits for the therapist

In physiotherapy centers or mobile

The Impactis M+ has a number of therapeutic applications, and its relatively light weight makes the device easy to transport. Thanks to the dedicated PRO Bag that holds both Impactis M+ unit and all its accessories, the shockwave therapy device allows for comfortable procedures outside the physiotherapy center.

The Impactis M+ standard equipment includes three stainless steel transmitters:

  • 10 mm – for trigger points therapy
  • 15 mm – for the treatment of larger joints
  • 20 mm – for muscle stimulation

In addition, Impactis M+ is equipped with a 15-mm titanium transmitter, which is characterized by a significantly higher energy transfer. Its therapeutic properties have been tested in a specialized laboratory in Germany. The manufacturer guarantees a ballistic system lifetime of 2 million shocks.

Program and manual mode

Thanks to the built-in encyclopedia describing the methodology of performing individual procedures, displayed on a large, colorful screen, the Impactis M + shockwave therapy device operation is convenient and simple. Treatment programs can be selected using the list of 44 carefully developed disease entities, or through the anatomical mode, in which we choose the place on the body for therapy. Experienced physiotherapists can choose the operation by free access to all device parameters in manual mode.

Innovative solutions

Impactis M + is equipped with a 7-inch color display with a touch screen. The device has a well developed user interface based on many years of experience. The front of the shockwave applicator has been designed in a way that increases the comfort of work with the device, and the shock spring absorber system allows for a significant reduction in vibrations during shock wave emission. Such a solution makes the product safe for the physiotherapist.
Another convenience for the user is an innovative solution called the interval emission mode. It involves switching from single pulse mode to continuous emission mode by pressing the applicator button. Such a procedure is particularly convenient for trigger point therapy. Pulse emission mode allows you to find the place of a trigger point, while continuous mode is dedicated for performing the exact therapy.

The treatment with the help of Impactis M+ allows to achieve excellent results, and an optional transmitter with a diameter of 35mm expands the range of treatments that a specialist physiotherapy center may offer to its patients.

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Impactis M+

Impactis M + – is the latest product of the renowned Polish brand ASTAR – the market leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment. Due to modern solutions, excellent after-sales service support and high quality of offered devices, ASTAR is a brand valued in Poland and worldwide.

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Detailed technical specification


product code


color display with touch panel


independent treatment channels


manual mode

disease entities selected by name, medical field, anatomical mode or by search

program list sorting in alphabetical order

preset treatment programs database

user-defined programs database

favorite programs

possibility of program names edition

encyclopedia describing the treatment methodology

statistics of performed treatment procedures

parameter setting / adjustment knob


Shockwave therapy

shockwave emission modes: single, continuous, burst, interval

applicator with a built-in shock spring absorber

ergonomic shape of the ultrasound head improving comfort of operation

ballistic system life time - 2,000,000 shocks

ballistic system current control

the regeneration kit allows you to perform another 2,000,000 shocks

transmitter dedicated to aesthetic medicine 35 mm

titanium transmitters (10, 15, 20 mm)

stainless steel transmitters (10, 15, 20 mm)

Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs, including:


user configurable programs


Shockwave therapy technical parameters

compressor pressure

1-5 bar

pulse emission frequency (shocks)

1-25 Hz

number of shocks

1-10 000

max. energy density on the transmitter surface

0,38 mJ/mm²

ballistic system life-time

> 2 million shocks

General technical parameters


36,1 x 30,4 x 15,1 cm

device weight

7 kg

power supply, power consumption

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 24VDC 6,25A

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Shockwave therapy

A therapy that helps in the treatment of chronic pain connected with the musculoskeletal system, also successfully used in aesthetic medicine.

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