PhysioGo.Lite Sono

Ultrasound therapy

Small in size, efficient in treatment

PhysioGo.Lite SONO

Ultrasound therapy device

The PhysioGo.Lite SONO is a device that enables effective ultrasound therapy both at physiotherapy clinics and during visits to patients homes. Thanks to ready-made treatment programs, the device helps the physiotherapists to achieve the best possible effects of ultrasound waves.
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Benefits for the patient

Treatment at the patient’s home

The small size and the use of battery allow you to work with the device also in places where there is no access to power supply or its quality is insufficient for the use of other devices of this type. The portability of the device allows for ultrasound therapy treatments to be performed on patients who, due to their health condition, cannot benefit from treatment in the physiotherapist’s clinic. The device with its full equipment fits comfortably in a specially designed Astar bag.

LIPUS Therapy

The PhysioGo.Lite SONO device offers only classic ultrasound therapy treatments, but also the possibility of conducting LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) therapy, using low-frequency pulsed ultrasound waves. This method is particularly valued for its effectiveness in supporting the treatment of wounds, burns, nerve damage, degenerative diseases and bone fractures. It is also an excellent support in the treatment of non-union (so-called pseudoarthrosis) and delayed union.

Treatment safety

Like all other Astar devices, the PhysioGo.Lite SONO meets the requirements of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and is also adapted to the latest requirements of the Medical Device Regulation 2017/745. The device has also been awarded the European CE mark, which confirms the appropriate level of product safety and compliance with the requirements (safety of use, health and environmental protection directives).

Benefits for the physiotherapist


Design and comfort

The PhysioGo.Lite SONO device was developed in collaboration with the medical community. The device has been optimized for efficient, comfortable operation. Comfort of use is ensured by the 5-inch color display with touch panel.

Built-in treatment programs database

PhysioGo.Lite SONO contains a ready base of treatment programs for such medical fields as orthopedics, neurology, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, angiology, rheumatology and sports medicine. It also allows you to create your own programs and conduct therapy in manual mode. Adding the program to the favorites list allows you to quickly find the most frequently used parameters in ultrasound therapy.

Ultrasound heads

The PhysioGo.Lite SONO device supports three models of ultrasound therapy heads. The SnG head, a new addition to the range of Astar ultrasound devices, is a operator-free accessory with a large front surface area (17.3 cm2 or 34.5 cm2 depending on the selected mode of action), which is used in classic ultrasound therapy, phonopheresis, LIPUS therapy and combined treatments (in combination with electrotherapy).
The GU-1 head with a front surface area of 1 cm2 generates a wave of 1 or 3 MHz frequency. It is used for sonication of small areas of the body in classic ultrasound therapy, LIPUS treatment and combined therapy.
The GU-5 head with a front surface area of 5 cm2 (1 or 3 MHz) is applied in ultrasound therapy, as well as in treatments in which phonophoresis is used. This standard head type allows also to carry out LIPUS and combined therapy.
Each of the heads has been equipped with a temperature sensor, guaranteeing treatment safety.

Następny slajd

PhysioGo.Lite Sono

video manual

We invite you to watch the instructional video. From the video you will learn what the software looks like, how to set up the treatment, how to use the built-in encyclopedia of predefined programs as well as the basic operation of the device.

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Detailed technical specification


5 ”color touchscreen display

one treatment channel

possibility of two SnG heads operating simultaneously, their total area of head front in dual-section equals 34,6 cm²

manual mode

treatment programs selected by name or medical field

preset treatment programs database

user-defined programs database

favorite programs

names of user programs and sequences can be edited

built-in encyclopedia with treatment methodology

availability of LIPUS therapy

statistics of performed treatments

buzzer volume adjustment

battery (optional accessory)

Ultrasound therapy

water resistant heads

continuous / pulse emission

lack of contact detection

US head temperature control

US head sensitivity adjustment

Ultrasound heads

GU-1 type - 1 cm2; 1/3 MHz

GU-5 type - 5 cm2; 1/3 MHz

SnG type - 17,3 cm2; 1/3 MHz

Preset treatment programs

preset treatment programs


user-defined programs

50 (for each applicator)

favorite programs

Ultrasound therapy technical parameters

frequency of operation

1 MHz; 3 MHz

total area of the head front GU-1; GU-5; SnG

1cm²; 5cm²; 17,3cm²

max. ultrasound intensity

2/3 W/cm²

frequency in pulse mode

10 - 150 Hz with a variable step for GU-1, GU-5, SnG; 1 kHz LIPUS

regulated duty factor in pulse mode

treatment timer

30 s - 30 minutes

General technical parameters


25 x 27 x 16,5 cm


max. 3 kg

battery type (option)


battery capacity (option)

2100 mAh

mains supply

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC, 2,5 A

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