PhysioGo.Lite Electro

Electrotherapy device

one of the latest additions
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PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO

The beneficial effects of electric current on tissues have been used for many years in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, as well as supporting the regeneration of tissues and weakened muscles. PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO combines handling ease and innovative solutions.
Discover the wide of therapy options with PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO!

Benefits for the patient

Wide range of therapies

The PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO device allows to choose therapies based on various types of therapeutic currents that help alleviate symptoms and treat diseases such as: arthrosis, discopathies, sciatica, neuralgia, fractures, acute and chronic inflammation of nerve plexuses and roots, hematomas , swelling, contractures, spastic paralysis and many others. By choosing a physiotherapy practice equipped with a PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO electrotherapy unit, patients can be confident that the treating specialist has effective solutions in the field of treatment with uni- and bipolar currents, low or medium frequency currents and direct current.

Built-in treatment programs database

The predefined treatment programs correspond to specific diseases and injuries. It is important to emphasize that Astar devices and their software are developed in cooperation with the medical community. Thanks to proven methods of therapy and appropriately selected work parameters, it is possible to obtain the best treatment results.


The PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO has undergone a series of tests to ensure safe use in a professional environment. The PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO meets the requirements of IEC 60601-1 and IEC 62353.
In addition, the device has a self-test function, which verifies the correct operation of all components each time it is turned on, displaying a message if any errors or damage is detected.

Benefits for the physiotherapist



PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO can be powered by batteries, which makes it an excellent choice for physiotherapists who provide therapy at home or those specializing in sports medicine. The unit weighs less than 3 kg, and the optional transport bag will fit not only the device, but also its accessories. It is an invaluable solution during training camps, sports assemblies and in community work.

Two independent treatment channels

The device is equipped with two independent treatment channels allowing for simultaneous treatment of two patients. Protection in the form of galvanic separation ensures uninterrupted operation in both modes and guarantees safe use of the unit.

Easy to use

PhysioGo.Lite ELECTRO allows you to work with pre-defined therapeutic procedures, as well as to define treatment parameters on your own. The device is operated by means of a 5-inch color display with a touch panel. The built-in encyclopedia contains descriptions of the treatment methodology for specific diseases.
It is also possible to create your own list of user programs.

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PhysioGo.Lite Electro

video manual

We invite you to watch the instructional video. From the video you will learn what the software looks like, how to set up the treatment, how to use the built-in encyclopedia of predefined programs as well as the basic operation of the device.

Play video
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Detailed technical specification


product code


color display with touch panel


independent treatment channels


intensity regulation in the patient circuit for both channels simultaneously or separately

electrode test

manual mode

disease entities selected by name or medical field

preset treatment programs database

preset treatment sequences database

user-defined programs database

user sequence database

favorite programs

possibility of program names and user sequences edition

encyclopedia describing the treatment methodology

statistics of performed treatment procedures

buzzer sound volume regulation

battery (optional accessory)


operation in CC (current stabilization) or CV (voltage stabilization) modes

full galvanic isolation between channels in each mode

Currents and methods

interferential isoplanar

interferential dynamic

interferential single channel AMF

TENS symmetric

TENS asymmetric

TENS alternating

TENS burst

TENS for spastic paralysis therapy

Kotz' current (Russian stimulation)


Hufschmidt stimulation

diadynamic currents (MF, DF, CP, CP-ISO, LP, RS, MM)

pulsed rectangular

pulsed triangular

pulsed UR according to Trabert (2 - 5)

pulsed according to Leduc (1 - 9)

pulsed neofaradic (1 - 19)

unipolar sine surge

bipolar sine surge



medium frequency MF currents

IG pulses

EMS currents


exponential pulses

Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs for electrotherapy


user configurable programs


favorite programs

Preset treatment sequences

built-in treatment sequences for electrotherapy


user-defined sequences


Electrotherapy technical parameters

max. current intensity in patient circuit (CC mode)

unipolar sine surge

30 mA

galvanic, IG

80 mA


70 mA

bipolarsine surge, Hufschmidt stimulation

100 mA

interferential, TENS, Kotz’s stimulation, pulse currents, MF, tonolysis, EMS, H-waves, exponential pulses

140 mA


1000 µA

max. voltage amplitude in the patient circuit (CV mode)

140 V

treatment timer

1 - 60 minutes

General technical parameters


25 x 27 x 16,5 cm

device weight

max. 3 kg

battery type (option)


battery capacity (option)

2100 mAh

power supply, power consumption

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC, 2,5 A

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The beginnings of electrotherapy go back to the eighteenth century. Its precursor was prof. Luigi Galvani. Due to the fact that electrotherapy is such a mature method of physical therapy, it is well tested, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. This makes electrotherapy a very useful healing tool.

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