Our team

“Many people enter our lives by accident.
Some appear for a few days, others sometimes even just for a few hours.
Few remain with us forever. ”

Janusz Leon Wiśniewski

Łukasz Gajewski
Export Department Director
A graduate of physiotherapy with the right to practice and an MBA graduate from the WSB University in Chorzów and the Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2011, he has been involved in the sale of physiotherapy devices in managerial positions. He is passionate about motorcycles and spends every free moment with his brothers from the motorcycle club, enjoying the next kilometers on two wheels. In his opinion, enthusiasm and determination in action is the key to success in many areas, which is why he always tries to spread enthusiasm and determination in action every day.

Dominika Pagacz
Export/Import Manager
English philologist absorbed by the world of medicine. Since 2011, she has been devoted to physical therapy, discovering new possibilities. With maniac stubbornness she claims that the impossible does not exist, never giving up and fighting to the end. Demanding a lot from others and even more from herself. Privately, a lover of never ending journeys (preferably at the end of the world with a cup of good coffee in hand), and an absolute fan of mountains and mulled wine. For years, she has been struggling with her fear of heights admiring the beauty of nature on the world’s highest viewing terraces.

Ewelina Lichna
Key Account Manager
A philologist of Czech language by profession, with a lot of passion to trade. All the paper work and piles of documents are not for her as she definitely prefers working with people.
She hates monotony and routine, maybe a little bit impatient character. Privately, a fan of interesting and extraordinary interiors and everything related to their arrangement, but it must be mentioned that she will never pass by indifferently next to original pair of high heels. A good day starts with coffee and ends with coffee… preferably in an amazingly beautiful cup.

Marcin Lenik
KeyAccount Manager
Graduate of Human Resources Management of the Jagiellonian University with interests in social sciences and social psychology. Found his way into Export Department attracted by the contact with cultural diversity and continuous dynamics it offers. Finds intelligent people and sweets irresistible. Craft beer and lesser-known books are value added in life. Recently retook writing, which is an important passion born of penetrating observations of the world. Loves riding mountain bike trails and hiking, and impatiently explores new ways, with his ambition and determination as the factors expanding the limits. Doesn’t drink coffee and gets up at the first sound of the alarm clock.

Maciej Stępień
KeyAccount Manager
A graduate of Jagiellonian University with MA in Public Administration, holds also a vocational diploma in Human Resources Management, with professional experience gained in Australia, United Kingdom and Poland. Privately big fan of professional boxing, motor boats, literature, history, politics, movies and music from the 80’s.

Katarzyna Pluszyńska
Export documentation specialist
Philologist specialised in English and Spanish, with an MA in Spanish-American literature. Fascinated by foreign languages, she finds their melody captivating, especially when spoken by natives, and feels great satisfaction when she can decipher and understand them. Meticulous and organized at work, in private life, unexpectedly, she finds herself surrounded by artistic disarray and chaos. Passionate about nature, wildlife and the environment, she loves traveling discovering the wonders of our planet and tries to capture their beauty with a camera. Incorrigible cat lady and incurable animal lover, she lives with three elderly felines. She spends her free time attending classes of Japanese and photography, and inventing new handicraft projects.

Magdalena Ligęza
Sales Coordinator
I am a graduate of management and quality. I like challenging and responsible projects, routine work is not my cup of tea. I hate people say “I can’t. It’s impossible”. Tell me your vision, your concept, and I will tell you how we can achieve it. Privately, a dog lover and a happy mum. I love chocolate in all its forms. And shoes. I always find space for a new pair of shoes. Under the desk at work it’s a perfect place for a little collection, too. In my free time I enjoy cooking and testing new recipes.