Tecar therapy proposed by Astar

Effective, safe, modern

Tecaris -the resistive-capacitive radio frequency current therapy unit

Effectiveness and safety of therapy

Tecaris is a state-of-the-art device designed to carry out professional radiofrequency current treatments. Tecaris is ideal for private medical and physiotherapy offices, hospitals, sports medicine and aesthetic clinics. Check out the possibilities offered by ASTAR’s latest device.

Wide range of applications

The device can be used to treat conditions in orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. Tecaris will prove useful, among others, in the therapy of musculoskeletal injuries and trauma, as well as in diseases of the subcutaneous fat tissue.

Treatment modes

Tecaris allows the therapist to perform treatments in resistive or capacitive mode.
In resistive mode, the radiofrequency current produces effects in the deeper layers of tissues, namely bones, tendons or ligaments. This makes it possible to treat fibrosis and tissue degeneration in chronic conditions. In capacitive mode, on the other hand, the therapeutic current primarily affects superficial tissues, namely muscles and the lymphatic system, accelerating cell regeneration or muscle relaxation.
In the two modes, both thermal and non-thermal effects can be obtained, depending on the energy level used and the expected effects of the therapy.
It is also possible to use Tecaris with an optional applicator for a combination of radiofrequency current and the Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) therapy.

Wide selection of compatible applicators

The Tecaris device generates sinusoidal radiofrequency alternating current of 300, 500, 750 or 1000 kHz, which is delivered to the patient through direct contact using electrodes and/or special applicators. The device allows operation with flat resistive electrodes (25, 40, 55 or 70 mm in diameter), convex electrodes (14 or 40 mm in diameter), capacitive electrodes (25, 40, 55 or 70 mm in diameter) or IASTM type for soft tissue therapy.

Ergonomic design

The Tecaris device is equipped with a modern 7” color display with a touch panel. The clear screen and intuitive interface definitely enhance the working experience. Tecaris can be placed on a Versa X or Versa XUVC trolley, with a dedicated shelf that accommodates the unit and its accessories. The device operates in manual mode, so that the user can independently adjust the treatment parameters: frequency, power or treatment time.

Treatment safety

The self-test procedure implemented in the device, as well as functions responsible for continuous monitoring of output parameters and contact quality during treatment, ensure the safety of the therapy.

Detailed technical specification


product code


color display with touch panel


one treatment channel

statistics of performed treatments

parameter setting / adjustment knob

STAND BY / CHANGE push-button – possibility to select parameters for editing without touching the device screen

Tecar therapy

three modes of operation

capacitive - CAP

resistive - RES

IASTM - working with dedicated tools for soft tissue therapy (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation - IASTM)

four working frequencies - allow stimulation of tissues at different depths

two ranges of adjustment of the device power level – allow very precise selection of the level of energy delivered to the patient’s body during therapy to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment

electrode contact level indicator with patient’s body (patient’s impedance measured throughout the treatment)

AM - current modulation in the patient’s circuit

measurement of effective treatment time (working time measured in full contact with the patient’s body)

measurement of the total treatment time

two types of applicators for active electrodes:


straight (optional)

wide range of capacitive and resistive electrodes

IASTM KISS applicator (optional)

3 types of passive electrodes:

flat 32x23 cm

flat 24x16 cm (optional)

cylindrical (optional)

Tecar therapy parameters

output frequency

300 kHz, 500 kHz, 750 kHz, 1 MHz

power level adjustment ranges

0-30 % step 1%, 0-100 % step 4%

treatment time

1-60 minutes, step 1 minute

General technical parameters


36,1 x 30,4 x 15,1 cm


6,5 kg

mains supply

230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, optional: 120 V ± 6 % 50/60 Hz

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