Technical Service Support

We have impacted the lives of many patients during our first 25 years.
By this time, we have understood that what matters most to all customers is the patient’s safety and well-being.

We have learned a lot from our experiences, and as a result, we have developed a tool that provides our device users with fast answers to the most common questions about each of our devices.


Our products are created with the extreme attention to details and precision, to meet the highest expectations of our customers and guarantee excellent ASTAR quality.

The ASTAR distributors worldwide have trained service personnel and provide comprehensive technical support to all our products.

Certified technical service engineers will be more than a happy to support you with the on-site maintenance & troubleshooting to restore the complete products functionality as quickly as possible.

Check below the overview of the International ASTAR Distributor & Service Network and contact them directly for any question regarding service, repairs and technical problems.

Contact us!

Paweł Skwierczyński
Service Department Manager

Select a country to see distributors and services, or try and find answers to your questions after clicking the button.

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