PhysioMG 827

Discover the latest device for low-frequency
magnetic field therapy which solutions were
created based on the experience of
physiotherapists and the needs of patients

PhysioMG 827

This revolutionary device is the most modern magnetotherapy device in our offer, and the advanced technology used in it creates a range of therapeutic options while maintaining the operation intuitive along with the highest quality.

Benefits for the patient

Comfort during the treatment

The PhysioMG 827 is the unique device on the market that allows the use of a solenoid applicator with a diameter of up to 75 cm. This means that therapy can be carried out within a wider group of patients than before, and in combination with a new, comfortable and extremely stable couch with headrest, it gives you the opportunity to fully relax during treatments.

Maximum therapy effectiveness

The innovative technology (Dual Mode) used in PhysioMG 827 allows the simultaneous use of two magnetic field applicators – solenoid with systemic effect and plate applicator with local effect. Using simultaneously variable therapeutic frequency in the range of 0-50 Hz, the so-called Spectrum, we obtain exceptional versatality in impact on tissues.

Noticeable magnetic field activity

A sensory indicator of magnetic field activity allows patients to feel the effects of PhysioMG 827 through gentle vibrations during the emission of the field. A visual indicator of magnetic field activity informes about the phase of the magnetic field emission and indicates the area being treated.

Benefits for the therapist

3D Treatment Encyclopaedia

A rich encyclopaedia of pre-defined programs along with the methodology of their application, illustrated with 3D visualizations.
Possibility to choose from over 300 built-in treatment programs for specific disease entities or to adapt the treatment program based on the medical field of the disease.

Intuitive operation and easy personalization

PhysioMG 827 is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen.
Setting parameters such as the duration of the treatment or the frequency range of the magnetic field (with an accuracy up to 0.01 Hz) is simple and easy. The device allows you to enter a handy list of favourite treatment programs, edit program names and user-defined sequences, and even view statistics of performed treatments.

Self-test procedure

To guarantee the efficiency of the device, the correctness of its parameters and the safety of the procedures performed, PhysioMG 827 has been equipped with a self-test procedure that allows ongoing monitoring of the device’s condition every time it is turned on. The PhysioMG 827 controller in a set with applicators ensures high efficiency of conducted therapy, as well as convenience during the procedure. The device was designed based on the experience of physiotherapists, thanks to which it is characterized by ergonomics of use. PhysioMG 827 is distinguished by modern design. The device has a clear interface and an extensive encyclopedia, which allows easy selection of parameters for a specific disease entity by selecting one of the predefined programs from the panel.

Detailed technical specification


product code


color display with touch panel


independent treatment channels


manual mode

disease entities selected by name or medical field

preset treatment programs database

user-defined programs database

user sequence database

favorite programs

possibility of program names and user sequences edition

encyclopedia describing the treatment methodology

statistics of performed treatment procedures

buzzer sound volume regulation


continuous and pulse emission

field shape: rectangular, triangular, sinusoidal, impulse, half-rectangular, half-triangular, half-sinusoidal, half-impulse

optional operation with one or two plate CPEP applicators

convenient application of applicators with straps and velcro belts

Dual Mode treatments

magnetic field activity visual indicator in the form of an illuminator

magnetic field activity sensory indicators in the form of magnetic stripes

magnetic field frequency range settings with an accuracy of 0.01 Hz using the on-screen keyboard

treatment timer settings with an accuracy of 1 s using the on-screen keyboard

Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs, including:


CS75 programs


CS60 programs


CS35 programs


CP programs


CPEP programs


Dual Mode programs


user configurable programs


favorite programs

Preset treatment sequences

user-defined sequences


Magnetotherapy technical parameters

operating frequency

2 - 140 Hz

maximum induction in the geometrical center of the applicator:

CS75 solenoid applicator

3 mT

CS60 solenoid applicator

4 mT

CS35 solenoid applicator

10 mT

CP applicator with stand

3 mT

CPEP plate applicator

25 mT

maximum induction at the applicator site

CS75 solenoid applicator

4,5 mT

CS60 solenoid applicator

6 mT

CS35 solenoid applicator

12 mT

CP applicator with stand

12,5 mT

CPEP plate applicator

50 mT

maximum induction change value

CS75 solenoid applicator

9 mT

CS60 solenoid applicator

12 mT

CS35 solenoid applicator

24 mT

CP applicator with stand

25 mT

CPEP plate applicator

100 mT

interval mode parameters

pulse 1 s / break 0,5 - 8 s

frequency spectrum

0 - 50 Hz

treatment timer

30 s - 60 minutes

General technical parameters


34 x 28 x 11 cm

device weight

7 kg

power supply, power consumption

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 350 VA

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Magnetotherapy treatment is an effective and painless method of treating soft tissue and bone injuries.

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