PhysioGo 100A

Comfort and safety

The modern PhysioGo 100A device
represents the PhysioGo unit line
manufactured by ASTAR company

PhysioGo 100A/101A*

Electrotherapy unit

The modern PhysioGo 100A device represents the PhysioGo unit line manufactured by ASTAR company. This fully two-channel device is used in many physiotherapeutic offices to perform electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic procedures.

Discover the modern PhysioGo line from the 100A series

* The PhysioGo 101A model has a built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2250 mAh

PhysioGo 100A – benefits for the patient

Mobile physiotherapy

The PhysioGo 100A device has been adapted for conducting treatments in homehealthcare environmental therapy. Its low weight and a specially designed PRO bag that holds the device together with the equipment enable safe transport. In addition, PhysioGo 101A has been equipped with a battery, which makes it possible to carry out treatments even when it is not possible to connect the device to a power source. PhysioGo 101A can work up to 4 hours on battery power.

Therapeutic currents and electrodiagnostics

The device allows electrotherapy to be carried out using the available therapeutic currents, i.e. microcurrents, Kotz current, TENS currents, currents dedicated to spastic paralysis therapy, diadynamic currents, impulse currents (rectangular pulses; triangular pulses; Trabert current), tonolysis, galvanic currents and others. In addition, thanks to the device it is possible to conduct semi-automatic electrodiagnostics of the neuromuscular system – curve I/t. Its purpose is to determine the condition of the examined muscle, and thus the selection of optimal electrostimulation parameters.


PhysioGo 100A meets the requirements of the Medical Directive, which ensures safe therapy for the therapist and the patient. The device has been equipped with a self-test procedure – enabling the current control of the device’s functional status each time it is turned on.
In addition, the operator can independently test the electrodes used in electrotherapy. Thanks to two independent treatment channels – the device may be recognized as two separate devices for electrotherapy. The galvanic separation between circuits used in this case provides patients with the highest degree of safety during electrotherapy.
As a result, it is possible to perform treatments for up to two patients, where each of them is galvanically separated from each other.

PhysioGo 100A – benefits for the physiotherapist

Comfortable use

The device has been designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The built-in treatment encyclopaedia contains a list of disease entities and the methodology for performing individual treatments in a graphic and descriptive form.

The device has a database of 69 built-in treatment programs and 38 predefined treatment sequences (combining several types of currents into one therapeutic sequence). Treatment programs can be selected by name or based on medical fields, i.e. orthopedics, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, rheumatology, neurology, urology, dermatology, and angiology. The user can also create a list of favorite programs based on built-in procedures.
The user can also create a list of handy treatment programs and define and name 50 own programs and 10 sequences.
The device also allows to work in manual mode and to control independently the treatment parameters by the user.

Two treatment channels

The device has been equipped with two independent treatment channels, which allows simultaneous performance of various treatments for one patient (four-electrode treatments) or therapy of two patients at the same time.

Design and quality

Devices from the PhysioGo family are premium class devices that feature high quality components and modern design. The PhysioGo 100A device has a comfortable 7-inch display with a touch panel. ASTAR devices are well recognized among physiotherapists in Poland and in the world.

Detailed technical specification


product code


color display with touch panel


independent treatment channels


intensity regulation in the patient circuit for both channels simultaneously or separately

electrode test

manual mode

disease entities selected by name or medical field

preset treatment programs database

preset treatment sequences database

user-defined programs database

user sequence database

favorite programs

possibility of program names and user sequences edition

encyclopedia describing the treatment methodology

statistics of performed treatment procedures

buzzer sound volume regulation

battery (optional accessory)


operation in CC (current stabilization) or CV (voltage stabilization) modes

full galvanic isolation between channels in each mode

Currents and methods

interferential isoplanar

interferential dynamic

interferential single channel AMF

TENS symmetric

TENS asymmetric

TENS alternating

TENS burst

TENS for spastic paralysis therapy

Kotz' current (Russian stimulation)


diadynamic (MF, DF, CP, CP-ISO, LP)

pulsed rectangular

pulsed triangular

pulsed UR according to Trabert (2 - 5)

pulsed according to Leduc (1 - 9)

pulsed neofaradic (1 - 19)

unipolar sine surge



Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs for electrotherapy


user configurable programs


favorite programs

Preset treatment sequences

built-in treatment sequences for electrotherapy


user-defined sequences


Electrotherapy technical parameters

max. current intensity in the patient circuit (CC mode)


40 mA

diadynamic, impulse

60 mA

interferential, Kotz' current

100 mA

unipolar sine surge

100 mA


140 mA


100 mA


1000 uA

max. voltage amplitude in the patient circuit (CV mode)

140 V

treatment timer

30 s - 60 minutes

General technical parameters


34 x 28 x 11-16 cm

device weight

6 kg

battery type


battery capacity

2250 mAh

power supply, power consumption

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 75 W, 90 VA

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The beginnings of electrotherapy go back to the eighteenth century. Its precursor was prof. Luigi Galvani. Due to the fact that electrotherapy is such a mature method of physical therapy, it is well tested, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. This makes electrotherapy a very useful healing tool.

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