Sonaris S

Device for ultrasound therapy
and phonophoresis

Modern design and functionality

The Sonaris S unit is an ergonomic device that is used to perform ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis, i.e. transdermal administration of drugs directly to the affected site.

The device works with two types of heads (with the effective radiation area of 1 cm2 and 4cm2) with the option of setting the frequency of the generated ultrasound wave at 1 MHz and 3.5 MHz. Thanks to this, Sonaris S allows the treatment of deep muscles and joints (1 MHz frequency), as well as shallower localized tendons and periarticular tissues (3.5 MHz frequency).

Discover the possibilities of the modern Sonaris S.

Benefits for the patient

A safe therapy

The therapy performed with the use of the Sonaris S device guarantees the safety of treatments. The device has been equipped with the self-test procedure, which automatically each time when the device is turned on, checks its efficiency. Sonaris S is equipped with an automation system that constantly controls the level of energy delivered to the tissue during the treatment procedure.

Wide therapeutic possibilities

Thanks to the cooperation with two ultrasound heads generating different frequencies of ultrasound waves, Sonaris S enables conducting a full range of ultrasound therapeutic treatments – concerning both deeply located diseases (up to 7 cm deep into the tissues) and shallow (3 cm below the surface of the skin).

In addition, it is possible to connect an external electrostimulator and perform combination therapy treatments.

Rapid physiotherapy

Ultrasound rehabilitation is one of the shortest ongoing physical therapy treatments. The time devoted for the treatment depends on the patient’s condition, type and stage of the disease, the location of the lesions and the size of the surface requiring sonification, but the maximum duration of the treatment is 15 minutes.

Benefits for the therapist

Ergonomics of solutions

The technological solutions used in Sonaris S make the device operation intuitive and simple. The device has as many as 52 predefined treatment programs, 10 user-defined programs. In the group of treatment programs it is possible to choose treatment parameters based on the disease entities listed by name. Sonaris S has a well-designed construction equipped with a comfortable keyboard and a clear graphic display. Thanks to this, physiotherapists appreciate its intuitive operation and high durability.

Treatment convenience

The Sonaris S ultrasound therapy device can be used to perform treatments with continuous (thermal effect) and pulse (micro massage) mode emission. The emitted power is stabilized automatically, without having to stop the treatment due to a decrease in the level of absorption (e.g. bone area).

Product quality

Devices produced by the Polish brand ASTAR are devices valued by specialists due to their durability and high quality of components used. Astar products meet all requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

Detailed technical specification


product code


large, easy-to-read display with graphic mode support

independent treatment channels


manual mode

disease entities selected by name

preset treatment programs database

user-defined programs database

possibility of program names edition

Ultrasound therapy

waterproof ultrasound heads

continuous / pulse emission

ultrasound head contact control (effective treatment time measured)

head sensitivity calibration according to the needs

Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs for ultrasound therapy


user configurable programs


Ultrasound therapy technical parameters

operating frequency

1 & 3,5 MHz

effective radiation area

1 cm2, 4 cm2

maximum ultrasound wave intensity

2,5 W/cm²

frequency in pulse mode

16 Hz, 48 Hz, 100 Hz

duty factor in pulse mode

10%, 25%, 50%, 75%

treatment timer

1 - 30 minutes

General technical parameters


30 x 23 x 11cm

device weight

2,5 kg

power supply, power consumption

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 75 W, 90 VA

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