Scanning laser applicator
PM2-SK2 R-IR 100 / 450mW

Scanning laser applicator advantages include: high power of radiation sources measured at the output, three modes of application site irradiation: ellipse, line, curves within a rectangle, arm height adjustment (60-140cm), the possibility to adjust the position of the scanning head in two planes, automatic calculation of treatment time depending on the aplication site area.

Detailed technical specification


product code


operation signalization indicator

high power of radiation sources measured at the output

three modes of treatment field irradiation in scanning laser applicators

automatic calculation of time relative to treatment parameters - dose, power, duty factor, treatment area

running system with brakes

shelf for the controller and glasses

Laser therapy technical parameters


808 nm and 660 nm

maximum power

450 mW and 100 mW

General technical parameters

accessory dimensions without connection cable

15,0 x 7,0 x 12,2 cm

size area needed for the stand base

69,0 x 69,0 cm

arm height adjustment

60,0 – 140,0 cm

scanning laser applicator rotation adjustment angle

-90° – +90°


1 kg

weight with a stand

12,5 kg

Cooperates with

Polaris 2

Etius LM

Etius ULM

Polaris HP S

Polaris HP M

PHG 400C

PHG 500I

PHG 601C

PHG 701C

PHG 701I

PhysioGo.Lite LASER

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