Etius ULM

Device for electrotherapy,
ultrasound therapy, combined therapy,
laser therapy and magnetotherapy

One device – maximum possibilities

Can one device meet the needs of a physiotherapy center? Etius ULM proves so! This is the most technically advanced device in the Etius series.
Working with a wide range of ultrasound heads, applicators, probes and electrodes, Etius ULM allows to perform treatments using:

  • Low frequency magnetic field
  • Ultrasound, phonophoresis and combination therapy
  • Unipolar and bipolar currents
  • Low level laser

In addition, Etius ULM allows the simultaneous performance of two treatments on one patient, conducting combined (combination) therapy and carrying out treatments on different patients at the same time. The multitasking of the device results from the use of two independent electrotherapy channels as well as channels generating laser radiation, low frequency magnetic field or ultrasound.
Discover how much this small device can do!

Etius ULM – benefits for the customer

Wide therapy possibilities

Etius ULM allows to perform electrotherapy treatments with the electrodiagnostics function.
Moreover, the device can be used to carry out ultrasound therapy and combination therapy treatments – combining the beneficial effects of ultrasound waves and therapeutic currents
In addition, the device works with point probes and applicators for laser therapy and plate applicators for magnetotherapy, allowing the use of a wide range of physical therapy treatments. Thanks to this, the therapy using the Etius ULM device shortens the duration of rehabilitation and brings patients quick pain relief.


The versatile Etius ULM device gives the possibility to perform a wide range of treatments also for patients who for various reasons cannot visit the physiotherapy center. Its low weight and a specially designed bag make Etius ULM a convenient tool for home healthcare environmental therapy.

Therapeutic currents

The electrotherapy using Etius ULM allows the use of all standard therapeutic currents available. In addition, the range of the device capabilities has been expanded to include: unipolar sine surge currents, microcurrents and SP-TENS currents. Importantly, Etius ULM meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, and two independent electrotherapy channels allow conducting two treatments simultaneously.

Etius ULM – benefits for the therapist

Programs database and treatment sequences

Etius ULM has the largest in its series database of 339 built-in programs and 110 treatment sequences for diseases requiring physical therapy. The device also allows to save up to 150 programs with treatment parameters selected by the user and create a handy list of 160 favourite programs.

Comfort and modernity

The device has been equipped with easy-to-ready graphic display and a comfortable touch panel, which makes using the Etius ULM device simple and convenient. Advanced users can choose to work in manual mode, precisely adjusting all treatment parameters.

Versatility of application

The device has been equipped with modules that support 4 therapies.
The combination of electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy and magnetotherapy gives a wide range of possibilities to help patients in a huge number of different ailments and at different levels of their advancement. Etius ULM together with a set of applicators and a dedicated transport bag, which are also offered by ASTAR, is a very strong foundation of the offer in the field of physical therapy, with which physiotherapy specialists meet the expectations of patients.

Detailed technical specification


product code


large, easy-to-read display with graphic mode support

independent treatment channels


intensity regulation in the patient circuit for both channels simultaneously or separately

electrode test

manual mode

disease entities selected by name

preset treatment programs database

preset treatment sequences database

user-defined programs database

favorite programs

possibility of program names edition

statistics of performed treatment procedures

buzzer sound volume regulation


operation in CC (current stabilization) or CV (voltage stabilization) modes

full galvanic isolation between channels in each mode

Currents and methods

interferential isoplanar

interferential dynamic

interferential single channel AMF

TENS symmetric

TENS asymmetric

TENS alternating

TENS burst

TENS for spastic paralysis therapy

Kotz' current (Russian stimulation)


diadynamic (MF, DF, CP, CP-ISO, LP)

pulsed rectangular

pulsed triangular

pulsed UR according to Trabert (2 - 5)

pulsed according to Leduc (1 - 9)

pulsed neofaradic (1 - 19)

unipolar sine surge



Ultrasound therapy

waterproof ultrasound heads

continuous / pulse emission

ultrasound head contact control (effective treatment time measured)

head sensitivity calibration according to the needs

Combined therapy

operation in CC (current stabilization) or CV (voltage stabilization) modes

Currents and methods

interferential single channel AMF

TENS symmetric

TENS asymmetric

TENS alternating

TENS burst

Kotz' current (Russian stimulation)

Laser therapy

operation with applicators: scanning laser, cluster laser and point probes

emission mode: continuous and pulse

adjustment of laser radiation power

duty factor

possibility of automatic treatment procedure repetition

automatic laser radiation power test

automatic calculation of time relative to treatment parameters - dose, power, duty factor, treatment area

three modes of treatment field irradiation in scanning laser applicators

dedicated modes for cooperation with optical fiber applicators

optical fiber applicators for laserpuncture and ENT applications

pilot beam indicating the application site


continuous and pulse emission

field shape: sine, triangle, rectangle, half-sinus, half-triangle, half-rectangle

optional operation with one or two plate CPE applicators

convenient application of applicators with straps and velcro belts

Preset treatment programs

built-in treatment programs, including:


built-in treatment programs for electrotherapy


built-in treatment programs for ultrasound therapy


built-in treatment programs for combined therapy


built-in treatment programs for electrophophoresis


IR point probe programs


R point probe programs


programs with Nogier frequency


programs with Voll frequency


cluster laser applicator programs


program sequences for scanning laser applicators


built-in treatment programs for magnetotherapy


user configurable programs


favorite programs


Preset treatment sequences

built-in treatment sequences for electrotherapy


Electrotherapy technical parameters

max. current intensity in the patient circuit (CC mode)


40 mA

diadynamic, impulse

60 mA

interferential, Kotz' current

100 mA

unipolar sine surge

100 mA


140 mA


100 mA


1000 uA

max. voltage amplitude in the patient circuit (CV mode)

140 V

treatment timer

1 - 60 minut

Ultrasound therapy technical parameters

operating frequency

1 MHz

effective radiation area

1 cm², 4 cm²

maximum ultrasound wave intensity

2/3 W/cm²

frequency in pulse mode

16 Hz, 48 Hz, 100 Hz

duty factor in pulse mode

10%, 25%, 50%, 75%

treatment timer

1 - 30 minutes

Laser therapy technical parameters

laser device class


treatment timer

1 s - 99 minutes 59 s

Laser therapy parameters - biostimulation laser point probes

red light laser point probes wavelength

660 nm

maximum power of the red light point probes

80 mW

infrared laser point probes wavelength

808 nm

maximum power of the infrared point probes

400 mW

power regulation

25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

pulse mode frequency

1 - 5000 Hz

duty factor in pulse mode

25 - 75%, pulse 50 us

Laser therapy parameters - scanning laser applicator

scanning laser applicator wavelength

808 & 660 nm

maximum power of the scanning laser applicator

450 & 100 mW

power regulation

50%, 100%

pulse mode frequency

1 - 5000 Hz

duty factor for scaning laser applicator pulse mode


Laser therapy parameters - cluster laser applicator

cluster laser applicator wavelength

4x 808 nm & 5x 660 nm

maximum power of the cluster laser applicator

4x 400 mW & 5x 40 mW

power regulation

50%, 100%

pulse mode frequency

1 - 5000 Hz

duty factor in pulse mode

25 - 75%, pulse 50 us

Magnetotherapy technical parameters

maximum magnetic field induction

10 mT

operating frequency

2 - 120 Hz

interval mode parameters

pulse 1 s / break 0,5 - 8 s

treatment timer

1 - 30 minutes

General technical parameters


30 x 23 x 11 cm

device weight

6 kg

power supply, power consumption

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 70 W, 100 VA

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laser therapy

In order to fully understand the effect of the laser biostimulation on tissues, special attention should be paid to the word “biostimulation”. It means stimulating the body with a selected factor, as a result of which its specific reactions occur.

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