High power
laser therapy

One of the most modern physiotherapy areas – high power laser therapy – uses laser radiation for medical purposes.

What is high power laser therapy?


High Power Laser Therapy uses laser radiation in the 800 to 1100 nm wavelength range. Wavelengths: 808/810 nm and 980 nm are particularly popular, of which the first wavelength is the source of the biostimulation effect, and the second leads to a local increase in tissue temperature. 2W was used as the limit power value above which we can talk about high power laser therapy. The use of a high power laser can lead to a local increase in tissue temperature not exceeding 42 degrees C.
The 808 / 810nm wavelength is strongly absorbed by the cytochromes contained in the mitochondria of each cell. This activates the respiratory chain and initiates processes that increase ATP production. Furthermore, laser light affects the stimulation of enzyme synthesis, which is associated with obtaining biostimulation effects.


The 980nm wavelength, for a change, is strongly absorbed by water, which causes a rise in tissue temperature. Thanks to this, an increase in metabolism, an increase in the collagen fiber stretch, an increase in the permeability of biological membranes and an analgesic effect is achieved. Thanks to these phenomena, applying the laser beam in the place of disease occurrence allows not only for biostimulation of the designated area of ​​the body but also to obtain a noticeable improvement without the need for more invasive treatment methods. For 808 / 810nm wavelength there is observed deep penetration, reaching up to 5cm. The 980nm wavelength, due to its strong absorption by water, penetrates much shallower. Tests and measurements show that the transmission factor for the wavelength of 810nm is 25 times higher than for 980nm. Both of these wavelengths are outside the visible range.

Therefore, high power lasers use a visible pilot beam, usually in red colour. A high power laser has a wide impact on the body’s processes. Its use enables the stimulation of DNA synthesis, an increase in the fibroblasts activity (among others, they are involved in the healing process, increase cartilage compressibility, produce collagen), and phagocytosis activation.


How does high power laser therapy
help patients?


The effectiveness of treatment of diseases using high power laser therapy has been proved by research. The laser is currently used in the treatment of diseases in the field of general medicine, dermatology, ENT, dentistry, neurology, orthopaedics, podology, surgery, rheumatology and even oncology. It also supports rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports medicine, helping to reduce the effects of injuries and damages to the tendon and bone.


Laser therapy helps in the treatment of diseases located in almost every area of ​​the patient’s body with a particular focus on the treatment of persistent, severe pain, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. This type of therapy allows not only to alleviate the symptoms connected with pathological changes in tissues but also to effectively treat their causes.

The use of high power laser therapy.
What diseases does it cure?


High power laser therapy supports the healing and regeneration of tissues, activates the metabolic processes of cells and accelerates microcirculation. It works equally well in the case of myalgia as well as in the treatment of damaged or irritated nerves connected with the occurrence of acute, radiating pain. High power laser therapy is used to treat, among others such diseases as:

  • sore tendon heels – Achillodynia
  • plantar fasciitis
  • joint sprain, hallux
  • arthritis, bursitis
  • meniscus damage
  • cervical discopathy, cervical radiculopathy
  • calcaneal spur
  • Intercostal neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia
  • bruises, ligament/tendon rupture
  • chondromalacia patellae
  • lumbago – lower back pain
  • sciatica – ischialgia
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome, degeneration of joints

The positive effects of laser therapy are visible after a few treatments depending on the treatment parameters and frequency.


High power laser in physiotherapy centers


Laser therapy devices allow the use of radiation sources in pulse or continuous mode, and their power is many times greater than the power available only for biostimulation lasers. Devices enabling the use of a treatment encyclopaedia (e.g. Polaris HP) allow for comfortable conducting of therapy. The use of tested procedures significantly reduces the possibility of incorrect selection of parameters.


Astar has also developed a technology that increases the precision and effectiveness of therapy while limiting the thermal effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The DILA focusing adapter (Deep Intratissue Laser Adapter) forms a laser beam in a way that reduces power loss in surface tissues, which significantly increases the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment.

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